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VPR: Playtime’s Over (S4 E1)

Brief Introduction

Hello and welcome. Welcome to We Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends, which is, in case you were wondering, an ideal length for a blog name. It also shortens to handy acronym: WDCHTMF. Rolls right off the uvula.

You might think that our inaugural post would focus on the sort of Bad Reality Television that inspired the name for our humble blog: your Bachelor/ette, your… well basically any of the Bachelor/ette franchises. You might think that. But no, we’re going to start with a show that perfectly displays the reason why one doesn’t come on a reality show to make or be friends.

Vanderpump Rules

That show, dear reader, is Vanderpump Rules, which we pick up in its (stunningly) fourth season (seriously how are we in the fourth season of this disease-ridden franchise?).

While there was a lot of narrative to catch up on, this was something of a tame premier. We open with Lisa openly calling out members of her staff in front of everyone, which is a power (but also a dick) move. This meeting serves not only to let us know that SUR (Sexy Unique Restaurant (for true though)) is getting some work done, and that our hero Jax Taylor is undergoing a third round of surgery on his nose.

Ugh Kristen

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