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90 DF: Don’t Push Me (S3 E7)

Previously on 90 Day Fiancé…

  • Alexei was forced into modeling to please his future wife, which sounds like the plotline to a Lifetime movie, but isn’t. Unless it is. It might be.
  • Mormon Papa Dirk, King of the Uptight White Men finally cracked and welcomed Aleksandra into their lives and all was well except everyone still lived in Idaho.
  • Mark reminded Nikki of all the things she has to look forward to in their future, like never having children and hearing about his ex-wife all the time. So appealing!

59 days left to go in Baltimore, where Nikki and Mark are giving each other some space due to their arguments over their future children that Nikki may want and that Mark absolutely does not want. Nikki wants to get out of The Specimen’s House of Pianos and Depression and spend time with someone her own age, which is great. Who are you gonna hang out with, Nikki?



…wait, why are there binoculars in the kitchen window? And bubbles? Just what exactly is going on in this antiquated appliance museum of sadness? MARRRRRRRKKKKKKK.

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