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A Talk to Remember: Meeting the Ladies of The Bachelor

2016 has been utter trash but at least 2017 is starting things off right, with The Bachelor returning on January 2. I’m one of the rare folks out there that prefers The Bachelorette’s brotastic culture to the shimmering beauty of The Bachelor, but all told it’s a step in the right direction for 2017. Nick Viall is our main man this season, and we’re in danger of an overdose, as the artist formerly known as Normcore Nick has appeared on two Bachelorette seasons, plus Bachelor in Paradise.

He took a star turn on BiP, complete with a new shapeup which dramatically improved his attractiveness in your humble author’s opinion. The new hair, a rockin’ beach bod, and a willingness to tell Josh off made him a fan favorite. Now, let’s take some time to meet the lovely ladies who wish to steal his heart.

Contestant: Alexis

Relevant Details

Age: 23
Occupation: Aspiring Dolphin Trainer
What are five things you can’t live without? My family, my dog, my best friend, my fake eyelashes and whitening strips


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The Bachelor: Red Cards (S20E3)

With the third episode of The Bachelor taking us on a rollercoaster ride of emotion regarding more than one contestant, let’s take a look the episode through the prism of each team that was drafted at the beginning of the season.

Team Fiancée

Has: Lauren B., Jami, Amanda, Shushanna, Lauren H., Emily, Amber
Lost: Breanne, Jessica, Jackie

Lauren B. gets the first one-on-one date card for the episode. She says “shut the front door” in the car, so she’s on pace with Caila for hokey mom-phrases that are likely turn-ons for The Blandchelor.

Ben takes the flight attendant on a date involving…planes. You gotta hand it to Ben for continually pushing the envelope when it comes to lack of creativity. As they fly around in the back of a fancy/old-timey plane, Ben keeps kissing Lauren B.’s microphone.


Isn’t this how you always thought love would be? Speaking of which:

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The Bachelor: Kinds Of Crazy (S20E2)

When it comes to The Bachelor, part of navigating the minefield of Lovely Ladies™ is recognizing and accurately diagnosing the types of crazy that you’re dealing with. Whether that’s so you can lean into the crazy and embrace the conniver of your dreams (Ben F.) or just to sidestep the the woman who decided to wear a rose as a hat on the first night (good job Ben H.!), it’s necessary and important step.

To that end, we here at We Didn’t Come Here To Make Friends are pleased to offer good ol’ B³ (Boring Bachelor Ben) a guide to some of the warning signs that some of the contestants are exhibiting in the early going.

Crazy Insecure

Enter: Lace.

She let the cat out of the bag in episode one when she went at Ben post-rose ceremony for not making enough eye contact with her. Still, she was under the influence and perhaps could demonstrate a little more self-control when she hasn’t imbibed so much vinoooooh no.


This is just who she is. Look, we can feel for Lace… this is why she’s here after all, but her narcissism has blinded her to the fact that there are 20-something other women in the hunt and she’s not going to have this dude to herself.

Lace is so insecure that she feels the need to prove how crazy she isn’t which only reinforces that homegirl is cray cray.

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The Bachelor: Getting Higgi With It (S20E1)

I’m going to assume since you’re here that you know the deal with the show, so here’s how this here blog is going to work. If you don’t there are a lot of ways to get prepped on this year’s cast, but this is your most thorough.

IRL, I watch the show with my mom and my fiancée. We each get a team that we keep track of that is determined by the order in which the lovely ladies exit their limousines. Once we have our teams we root like hell for our ladies (or sometimes against, it can’t be helped), we yell at each other during every Rose Ceremony, and generally make snide remarks at every opportunity possible.

Before we get to the ladies, let’s talk about the Bachelor: Ben Higgins. If you’re thinking “that guy sounds like scrambled egg-whites with a splash of one-percent milk” well you have a keen ear for names. Ben H., as his non-affectionately known in the Bachelor universe was the third runner-up in last season’s Bachelorette (Kaitlyn Something). He is the latest in a line of increasingly boring Bachelors, as ABC seeks to appeal to everyone by finding bachelors who offend no one (except those with a penchant for flavor).

Ben gets to bro down with three previous bachelors (Jason, Sean, Chris), which is when we notice how tiny Jason is. They offer generic advice which is fitting because they’re exceedingly generic people. Most of their advice involves making the prospective women on the show sound like a herd of animals that you might be unfamiliar with. Lots of “just make sure they’re comfortable. You want to put them at ease, be yourself,” etc.

The order this year: Fiancée, Mom, Me (Craig). Which each contestant I will recount what their shtick was upon exiting the limo, and what their parting words were for Ben upon executing said shtick. We’ll tackle my team first.

Team Me (Craig)


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